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About Social overload

Based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, the goal of Social Overload is to help local business owners harness the powers of social media and help bring them to their next level through a coaching and consulting partnership. 

The owner Darrick Law worked at a marketing company for 10 years with some of the country’s largest food brands. But after being in the same place for so long, life started to seem a little mundane.  She’d daydream daily of taking off on an adventure. So after a little convincing, and one big leap of faith, that’s exactly what she and her husband did. Life as they knew it was put on hold while the two of them went out and explored the world. One and a half years, 21 countries, and three states later, she decided it was time to put her talents to use again, and Social Overload was born. 

Besides her background in marketing, Darrick also has experience as a photographer and small-business owner, so she knows that the tasks of running your own company are no small feat. It can get overwhelming if you don’t know what you are doing, and you are trying to do it all yourself. She wants owners to know that they don’t have to be in this ever-changing online world alone.

“I saw a lot in the time I spent traveling. One of the constants throughout the world though was the very evident impact of social media. No matter how remote of a place we went to, there were people who were using it. 

Social Media is bringing people together in ways that would have never been imaginable in the past, and I want to help businesses harness that power for growth.”